Monday, October 3, 2016


We are still so unlike Jesus. The majority of people in his day thought he came to conquer those in power and take his kingdom by force. They thought they would be vindicated and secure in their earthly kingdom. Isn’t that still what we want, vindication and security? But he didn’t come for this. 

Instead of condemning others to the sword or judgement, he suffered and died for us all. His mission was to bring heaven to earth, to begin to set everything aright again. He spent his whole life teaching humanity how to love God and their neighbor so this could be accomplished.

Jesus gave up his kingly rights. He did not defend himself when accused of wrong doing. He came to bring peace to people’s hearts.

We are slow learners much of the time. We clamor for our rights to be fulfilled. We take offense when we are accused of wrong doing. With these weapons we unwittingly assist the Enemy by fueling the fire of disunity in people’s hearts.

I am ashamed at how little we, his disciples, look like him. We are to be the lights in the world to dispel darkness. We are not called to hide, but to shine brightly for His glory. We are to be the salt for seasoning and preservation. We, his children, are to point others to him and to work diligently toward reconciliation.

Lord, I repent for hiding my light from this world and adding to the darkness. Cleanse my heart so that I will love as you love and bring healing to this hurting generation. Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Yours in hope,


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