Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Poetry Corner

Image (Truth You Don't Want)

Do I want to see what’s really inside?
The evil which lurks
The bitter vine left unchecked
How quickly my blood runs cold when I don’t get what I want
How fierce my stare when I am angered
How heated the furnace of my wrath
Adding to the red mass boiling to the surface of Mount Self Righteous

Do I want to see the spoiled brat who didn’t get her way?
The unstable mental patient blubbering in the corner
The little girl abandoned, abused, and cowering in fear
The manipulating seductress plying her wares
All prisoners of their own devices

I look, I see, I face, I come to tears, I come to terms, I heal.

Do you want to see what’s really inside?
Or only an image
Of beautiful materials
How quick to share even the little I have 
How patient in the face of wrong
How loving and always willing to help
Hoping to ease the burden of others and truly have relationship 

Do you want to see the strong Godly woman?
The one who stands on the Rock and is full of faith
The young at heart who joyfully lives in awe and wonder
The bold speaker who is free to love rightly
All seeking to bring healing to others

Will you look, see, face, come to tears, and come to terms so that I may heal?

Truth sets us both free.



Struggling forward with crippled throws,
this is how my life toward Jesus goes.
Through push and pull, flop, and flail
I onward tread with much travail
Though weak I’m strong 
As He helps me along
Not power nor might will prove the day
But by his Spirit is the way.


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