Monday, February 29, 2016

Steps of Faith 

As I lay in bed praying for people (that’s what I do when I can’t sleep) the Lord caused me to tarry a little longer on a particular couple. I began to smile in the dark as I prayed for them because of the marvelous works I’ve seen in their lives. They have been through some amazingly hard times and some gloriously good times. It has been a pleasure to witness them blossom and their photography business grow as they take steps of faith to do what they love. They bring such beauty and joy to so many people’s lives through their artistry. You really should check them out at I guarantee you will come away wanting to know them too!

This reminded me of a step of faith God has prompted me to take. I wondered, what beauty am I withholding from the world by not doing what I’m called to do? Of course I don’t know what it all will look like or where it will lead in the end. However, I do know that like my wonderful friends, and many others before them, I must take that first step... So, as I continue to jot down bits and pieces of the first book I have been given to write, I will be sharing with you here as well. This will be my proving ground or should I say improving ground? I am no expert writer, yet.

My hope is to share this journey, myself, and my thoughts with you along the way. My heart has a burden for women and all that our lives entail. Therefore, you will be sure to see my thoughts on that often. I also love art and poetry so these will make appearances as well.

Now I would like to leave you with a little something to think about. 

What treasure are you holding back from the world? 

Find it, pull it out of the dark recess where you have hidden it, and bring it out into the light. Like me you might have a sneezing fit from the dust that has gathered on your gift and there might be a cacophony of squeaks and grinding sounds as the parts of your gifting begin to move again. Don’t stop there! Dust that baby off, blow your nose, get out the oil, and polish it up. Let us see what you’ve got! You never know, you just might inspire someone else to do the same. And bit by bit, together, we will help make the world a better place.

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a note. And don’t be shy to name that gift in the comments because it helps to “say it” out loud. I will pray over each and every one.

With hope,