Saturday, March 26, 2016


March is almost over, how time flies. I've been thinking a lot lately, letting God get into those thoughts as much as I can. I need him there to make it through each day well. There is a lot going on in my house right now. Many changes coming and going and more on the horizon. He has been reminding me to trust him with everything. Each decision is His to govern. With so many opportunities to be fearful he has reminded me that the opposite of fear is not courage but it is love. During this season of remembering Jesus' death, resurrection, and return to Our Father, he broke through some of the madness in my mind to give me this poem. These times are so refreshing to my spirit. So, I thought I would share it with you. I hope it touches you deep in your soul and reminds you of what love did and still does for you every day.

What love is this that time does not deform
That reaches out beyond the grave
To conquer death and bring new life
To one who does not deserve it
One wretched soul formed from dust
Who to dust will be returned

What love is this that sees beauty in the broken
That completes the work in process
To heal the disease in creation
To hold his children everyone
One bride for him from many
Who will be perfect through his blood

What love is this that loves the unlovely
That brings light to the darkness
To comfort the harlot and the thief
To teach what is right and true
One sacrifice for us all
Who was murdered on our behalf

He is the love we barely comprehend 
Who speaks peace into our darkest night
To bring hope out of despair
To offer joy unspeakable
One; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Who loves us forevermore

Blessings to you! I hope this Sunday is wonderfilled, not just candy filled. As always feel free to leave comments below. 

Yours In Hope,

Angela Bowland

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