Thursday, March 17, 2016


I remember I don’t belong here. I am an alien in this place. Sometimes I get comfortable and forget, but then it comes back. The realization that there is more, that I am more, that this is not my home. I am royalty and not the pauper I seem to be. I am a child of The King. Stranger in a strange land what I experience and what is in my heart doesn’t fit. It’s like all that I see, hear, and feel isn’t even real. It’s all a dim washed out version of something else. A shadow of a world so beautiful light emanates from everything. Glorious grandeur that even our most opulent artists can’t imagine. When will I get to see this home, to rest in its marvelous embrace? I get glimpses of it now and again through a vanishing sun or a friend’s smiling eyes and I want to meld right into them. My heart is at once filled with intense joy and fierce longing. In this I am reminded there is a reason I am here and a reason I can’t forget where I belong.

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With hope,


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